The Problem

Generating Variable Rate Nutrient recommendations isn’t easy. Desktop software and other solutions can be difficult to master unless you are a power user. Funneling the recommendation process through a GIS specialist or “mapping specialists” has many problems:

  • It's expensive - these specialists cost $ and frequently have higher value to their company if they are freed up to do other jobs than generating recs.
  • It creates an operational bottleneck and salespeople find it easier to sell flat rate applications even though they are agronomically wrong for their growers.
  • Running the software takes time – it’s cumbersome and slow.
  • Some retailers "dumb down" their variable rate nutrient recommendations – limiting choices and options to manage real world agronomic complexity because no system exists that empowers advisors and growers to literally customize field specific solutions.

Your Solution

NutriCalc empowers agronomic trusted advisors to run variable rate nutrient recommendations. NutriCalc is user-friendly – even for “older” advisors who don’t consider themselves computer savvy. Because it’s incredibly fast – averaging NPK Lime and Micro recs in 15 seconds per field – the entire variable rate nutrient recommendation process moves from a process that is done by a specialist in a back office to a dialogue between the trusted advisor and the grower – in an office, the kitchen table or even the combine cab.

As one precision ag specialist summarized, “NutriCalc can do in 5 minutes, what it take me to do in half a day with other solutions”. Rather than being threatened with losing their job, NutriCalc actually frees up talented GIS specialists to provide higher value services to their company.

From running complex variable rate nutrient recs, to summarizing tons and $, to exporting spread files in seconds, NutriCalc has already been used effectively on millions of acres.